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Published! | Kentucky Bride Magazine | with Tausha Ann Photography

I’m so very excited to announce that a wedding that I shot last year with Tausha Ann Photography here in Nashville, at the Vanderbilt Legends Club, was recently published in Kentucky Bride Magazine!  The bride submitted photos to their real weddings section and we were published in their Winter 2013 issue.  You can see Tausha’s […]

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Shooting Analog

The digital photography revolution has changed the business of photography more than just about anything else in its history.  Photography has become much cheaper and  more accessible to everyone.  Still, the physics of photography remain the same – a shutter opens for a set amount of time allowing light to strike a photosensitive medium long […]

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Having Fun with Photography

As a professional photographer sometimes it’s hard to remember to have fun with photography in the rest of your life.  To that end I recently bought a Micro Four Thirds camera (so called for some reason due to its sensor size – much larger than a normal point-and-shoot, but smaller than a DSLR).  It’s a […]

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