Tennessee Wedding Photography | Laura and Joel | Center Hill Lake Wedding

A few weeks ago I was honored to step in for a fellow photographer (Scott at Alphaville Fine Art Wedding Photography) with family issues and run lead for him on Laura and Joel’s wedding at the Lakeside Resort on Center Hill Lake.  It was one of the last really warm weekends of the year and a beautiful day for a wedding.  This was my first time as the lead photographer in about a year and it was great getting back in the saddle, so to speak.

Jackson, TN Wedding Photography | Allyson and Keith | with Sarah Linnea Photography

This summer I had the pleasure of second shooting for my friend Sarah of Sarah Linnea Photography.  Allyson and Keith were married in Jackson, TN, which I’d never been to, but it was a great little town.  We had a great day shooting at their church for the ceremony and intimate cake reception.  It was my first real wedding test post major back surgery and it was a blast to be out shooting again.  I hope I get to do more soon! Here’s some favorites from the day.

Syd and Phil | Nashville Wedding Photography at Ruby | for Erin Lee of The Collection

I had the chance to assist Erin Lee of The Collection again earlier this year for an awesome wedding at Ruby in Nashville, TN.  Erin is always great about letting me shoot on my own when she doesn’t need me to assist her, which is always a blast.  Since I’m assisting it mostly means I work on my detail shots, but I usually get some decent ones of the bride and groom, too.  You can see all of Erin’s photos in her blog post here as well as her features on the beyond/beyond blog here and here.  Here are a few of mine.

Khaled and Nadine | From Jordan to Nashville With Love | Part 2

Part 2 of Khaled and Nadine’s session is the black and white photos.  I love digital black and white conversions since I can warm them up a little bit.  Secretly I have a soft spot in my heart for sepia toned images because I like the skin tones better than true black and white, but sepia gets tired very quickly when overdone.  I never get tired of warm tone black and white images, though.  I use the Topaz B&W Effects plugin for Lightroom for my conversions.  It’s a bit tedious since there isn’t a batch processing option, but I love the look and tone so much that I don’t mind.  I’m a little picky about which images I choose to covert and there were some from Khaled and Nadine’s session that just screamed for black and white – in fact this first image is one of my favorite images I’ve ever made.  There are some repeat images here from Part 1, but many of these weren’t in that post.

Khaled and Nadine | From Jordan to Nashville With Love | Part 1

I love these people.  Khaled has been my neighbor for about 7 years now.  About a year ago I met Nadine, his wife.  Khaled and Nadine both grew up in Jordan and went to middle school together at an American school.  With the Gulf War going on, there weren’t many students at the American school at the time so they knew each other fairly well (Khaled swears that she had her eye on him then and there were rumors of posters of Khaled on her walls).  After 8th grade though they lost touch and didn’t see one another again until the spring of 2012 – 20 years later.  Khaled had gone back to Jordan to visit his family when he randomly ran into Nadine at a grocery store.  They spent some time catching up and decided not to date, but to go ahead and get married instead! One month after they met for the first time in 20 years they were married in Jordan and moved back here, where they recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary.  I’ve loved getting to know them over the last year and getting a new perspective on my neighbor and the world at large.  When I asked Nadine for their story (which Khaled added his own part – see parenthetical statement above), she closed with this: “All the world’s riches can not buy the true bliss I feel with this man”.  That, my friends, is love.  I was honored to take photos of Khaled and Nadine since they’ve never had any together as a couple – not even at their wedding.  I’m splitting their photos up in to two blog posts so keep a look out for Part 2 next week.

Blog Notes:

What little styling was done for this session was done by me with an English picnic set I found at a yard sale.

Cupcakes were from the amazing Bellacakes Bakery – check them out.