Khaled and Nadine | Nashville Love Session | The Panoramas

I’ve pretty much been out of the photography game since my back surgery in September last year.  I did my first real session this past weekend and made it through a 4 hour session without any problems, and I must say it feels good to be back!  I wanted to try a few new things with my photography this year and one is to incorporate more panoramic photography with my couples.  Khaled and Nadine were a true pleasure to work with and I’ll have more of their story (which is pretty cool) when I post their full session next week.  For now I wanted to post a couple of panoramas that I made during their session.

This is a 23 image Brenizer Method panorama shot using a Canon 135 f/2 lens (at f/5.6).


This is a standard 7 image panorama (using a flash off camera left zoomed to 105), again with a Canon 135 f/2 (at f/5).

Paul Rowland - May 23, 2013 - 2:33 pm

Nice Dan! Taking it up a level also using the flash with the panorama 🙂 Look forward to seeing more throughout the year.

Personal Work | Camping in Tennessee | Sleeping in Tents

This past weekend I went camping with some of the guys from my church down in Leiper’s Fork, TN – about a 45 min. south of Nashville.  I went with a couple of images in mind that I wanted to make and I was pretty pleased with how they turned out.  It’s nice to get out of the city for a bit every once in awhile.  I did miss my bed though. 🙂  Still, landscape photography is my favorite for personal work.  It’s always a challenge to work with what nature gives you to make the best images you can and try to celebrate and represent God’s creation as best I can.

Four images of camping in the beautiful Tennessee countryside.

Published! | Kentucky Bride Magazine | with Tausha Ann Photography

I’m so very excited to announce that a wedding that I shot last year with Tausha Ann Photography here in Nashville, at the Vanderbilt Legends Club, was recently published in Kentucky Bride Magazine!  The bride submitted photos to their real weddings section and we were published in their Winter 2013 issue.  You can see Tausha’s blog post from this wedding here and mine here.  I’m very honored to be published in a quality magazine like Kentucky Bride and excited for even greater things to come for Silver Nitrate Photo.

Shooting Analog

The digital photography revolution has changed the business of photography more than just about anything else in its history.  Photography has become much cheaper and  more accessible to everyone.  Still, the physics of photography remain the same – a shutter opens for a set amount of time allowing light to strike a photosensitive medium long enough for a picture to be captured.  Until the digital revolution this was done using wet plate colloid or film – processes which were slow and expensive and required a lot of chemistry.  My first SLR was a Canon Rebel 35mm film camera, but all I knew about shooting back then was to leave the camera on auto and pay a little extra to get my film developed at Wolf Camera instead of K-Mart.  Digital let me play a lot more and learn a lot more though, about the process of photography and how to take a photo.  Now, I’m going back a little bit to film and playing with it a little more now that I better know how to make a good photo.  My film camera is still a Canon Rebel 35mm SLR.  It’s not the same one that used to have, but pretty similar.  I picked this one up a yard sale with two lenses for a total of $20 – not too shabby.  Since I shoot Canon digital I can still use my good lenses on this film camera and it has the same look and feel, as far as use goes.

We’re pretty lucky here in Nashville to have a great and very friendly group of photographers who are always willing to meet up, hang out, and take some pictures.  There’s a flourishing group here in town that has gone back to shooting mostly film for their professional work even.  I’m not there and doubt I ever will be – I still like shooting digital too much.  Still, a couple of days before my birthday last month, a few of Nashville’s film shooters got together for a Film Photo Walk in East Nashville.  A couple of models and some mild, sunny winter weather were a good combination for a great photo walk.

Details: Models: Charity Vance, Rae Marshal, Katy Bishop; Camera = Canon EOS Rebel X 35mm SLR; Lens = Canon 35 mm/f1.4L; Color film = Kodak Portra 400, B&W film = Kodak Tri-X 400, both shot at box ISO with +1 EV; processing and scanning by Film Box Lab in Nashville.

Having Fun with Photography

As a professional photographer sometimes it’s hard to remember to have fun with photography in the rest of your life.  To that end I recently bought a Micro Four Thirds camera (so called for some reason due to its sensor size – much larger than a normal point-and-shoot, but smaller than a DSLR).  It’s a very different feeling from using my professional camera, but overall I’m pretty pleased with the picture quality, and it’s been fun.  And isn’t that the real point?

Paul Rowland - February 11, 2013 - 3:21 pm

Look forward to seeing 4/3 work. Personal work is among the most important work you could ever do in photography.