Alice – Nashville Family Photography

A few weeks ago Alice contacted me to get some new portraits of her and her family.  Her family is absolutely adorable.  Alice lives with her two dogs, Tripp and Nunchuck.  No one ever said you can’t be a family of three with two of them being dogs.  Alice is very sweet and, as you can see, was a beautiful model.  Tripp is one of the most amazing dogs I’ve ever met.  He’s super sweet and never misses a beat in life even though he only has three legs.  Nunchuck is a chihuahua – enough said. 🙂  We had planned about an hour long photo shoot, but half an hour in a storm rolled in and it got so dark I had to break out the flash to take any more photos and then we had to run when the rain started before we all got soaked.  Still, even in limited time we had a pretty good time and made some nice pictures of this sweet family.